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"The original No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbooks That Helped Change the Treatment of CHF"

—Dr. Michael Fowler, FRCP, MD, Director Stanford Cardiology Program

From an industry respected New York publisher: Macmillan—St. Martin's & Thomas Dunne Books

Recommended by leading hospitals, cardiologists, and nutritionists.

"Absolutely the best heart failure, Meniere's Syndrome, and hypertension and migraine control cookbooks on the market today."— Dr. William Gentry, M.D.
The No-Salt Book That Created No-Salt Cooking,A Best Seller
The original 28-day meal planning guide for a no salt lifestyle. 300 great recipes.

The Only No Salt Baking Book, Worldwide
Cinnamon buns, dinner rolls, burger buns, muffins and much more.

Light Meals Book, A Best Seller
25 Soups, 25 Salads, 25 Sandwiches and much more.

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    The Only No-Salt Barbecue Book Available
    No Salt Barbecue & Grilling Cookbook

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    So Popular That Hospitals Buy This Book, A Best Seller— How Chef Don reversed his CHF.
    Worldwide No Salt Recipes. From Chinese Sesame Chicken to French Cordon Bleu and Italian Lasagna
    Incredible no-salt recipes from around the world. A must in your no-salt library and right now a great price at Amazon


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