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Stop Meniere's Dizziness

The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook from Macmillan St. Martin's has been the leader in the field of low-sodium recipe and health cookbooks since 2000. The bestselling No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook was first published after's 1997 Web debut. Megaheart was the first site of its kind on the Internet. Today it is still the most visited and a primary recommendation Web site for cardiologists and other health practitioners. Meniere's Syndrome, Nyphrotic Syndrome, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Stroke, Diabetes and other maladies are helped with a no-salt and low-sodium lifestyle.

"I prescribe Don's books to my patients. Each one of them returns feeling much, much better and tests better, too. I also give many presentations in seminars for cardiologists and nurses throughout the country where I am adamant about lowering salt and sodium in the diet in order to improve lifestyle and heart health." — DR. Michael B. Fowler, MB, F.R.C.P., Director, Heart Failure Program, Medical Director, Cardiomyopathy Center, Stanford University Medical Center

Chef Don has been recognized as the no-salt guru and the pioneer who started the no-salt, low-sodium movement. Since 1997 he's proved it works with his own health as well as the recovery of thousands of others who have signed on and changed their lives to a no-salt, low-sodium lifestyle. His own dilated cardiomyopathy (CHF) was reversed in about eighteen months. Since then the same has happened for many others.

Megaheart offers free no-salt recipes as well as close to a thousand recipes in the five book series. Each recipe gives a complete list of nutrient data with sodium levels for each ingredient. "Living Well Without Salt" offers low-sodium advice and information for heart disease, hypertension, Meniere's syndrome, Nephrotic disease, CHF, stomach cancer and more. Megaheart's efforts have helped thousands to either reverse their chronic disease or at least ease their debilitating symptoms. Dizziness caused by Meniere's often disappears if it is not totally reversed. Hearts reshape to normal size, blood pressure drops to normal levels, and all due to cutting salt out, sticking to an exercise routine and taking prescribed medications, which are often reduced once the no-salt lifestyle is established. With a no salt and low sodium lifstyle, your life just gets better.

Don's no salt, lowest sodium recipe books are published by Macmillan–St. Martin's, the world's largest and best known book publisher.

"Living Well Without Salt," was published by Arrowhead Classics and covers the gamut from our first day of diagnosis to that point where we return to a healthy life. "When we drop salt," Don says, "we drop our blood pressure and often lose weight that stays off."

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