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The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook
Living Well Without Salt
The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Light Meals Cookbook
For No Salt, Lowest Sodium International Cookbook

Important Message: You can get pure ascorbic acid for breadmaking from from The King Arthur Catalog at Diabetics (and everyone else) you can use this instead of Ever Fresh. Just takes a 1/4 teaspoon instead of the measurement given in each bread recipe.

For a Basic Bread Machine Baking guide, or if you wish to convert a favorite recipe you already have, click here. Where Can I get commercially produced low sodium bread?

Page 15: Ener-G Baking Soda
Page 46: French Bread and Baguettes
Page 47: Fleischmann's Bread Recipe
Page 60: Old Fashioned Italian Sourdough
Page 76: Banana Bread
Page 83: English Muffin Bread
Page 100: Bread Dough Enhancers
Page 138: Blueberry Bran Muffins
Page 142: Carrot Muffins
Page 160: Belgian Waffles Supreme
Page 167: Almond Incredibles

Page 15: Under EGGS section, second paragraph where it states, "Ener-G Baking Soda" should be Ener-G Egg Replacer.
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Page 46: French Bread and Baguettes: Each bread (French and Baguettes) The total baking time at 425 is from 18 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. If you brush an egg white (whisked with 1/4 teaspoon of water) over the crust, it will brown evenly and a bit sooner. To make sure it's cooked through, snap the outer crust with a finger. If it rings hollow, then it's fully baked."
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Page: 47: Fleischmann's Bread Recipe: Change 1 cup of water to: 2 cups water
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Page: 60: Old Fashioned Italian Sourdough: Recipe calls for 1 cup of flour. Should be 5 cups of flour if your starter is "wet." If starter is heavy, start with 4-cups and add more if needed. Dough should be dry surfaced and you should be able to push your finger into it and leave an indent.
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Page: 76: Banana Bread Featherweight requires that you mix it into the batter just before placing into the oven. If this doesn't work out for you, then replace Featherweight with the newer Ener-g Baking Powder. Ener-g is double acting while Featherweight begins to act the moment it gets wet. This has caused a few failures with this recipe. May also replace honey with extra virgin olive oil (keep the two tablespoons of oil as well our use 1/3 cup total). May use smaller loaf pan as well. Bake at 350° F for 50 minutes to 65 minutes or until toothpick stuck down center of loaf tests dry. Non yeast breads are difficult without strong leavening agents. You can replace the substitute baking powder with one teaspoon of standard baking powder. This will make each serving around 35 mg of sodium and still no salt.

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Page: 83: English Muffin Bread: Recipe makes 2-loaves. The error is in the header where it states "Makes 1 Loaf." Instructions are correct.

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Page 100: Under "Don's Own Bread Dough Enhancer page 000 is referenced for more information. The page number should read page 19.
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Page 138: Blueberry Bran Muffins:

NOTE: This recipe does use one egg white, beaten.

Add 1/2 cup homemade applesauce (.089 mg) (Use Quick Applesauce recipe in The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook.)

Add 1 level tablespoon Ener-G Baking soda.

Stir Featherweight into mix just before putting into muffin cups and the oven.

This is a high-fiber muffin. It won't rise much in the oven. A quarter-cup measuring cup can be used to fill each muffin cup.

Place into oven as quickly as you can.

Nutrient data per ingredient is now different (2009) since the latest USDA changes. Per Recipe: 99 mg sodium. Per Muffin: 8.31 mg with one egg white, 14 mg with two egg whites.

I've been known to make this recipe with two egg whites if the batter felt like it needed it. Batter doesn't want to be too wet, but with flaxseed it might feel too dry. Depends on wetness of applsauce as well. If you use oil instead of applesauce you'll need only one egg.

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Page 142: Carrot Muffins: Recipe neglects to remind you to drain the pineapple juice. The juice does not go into the batter.

  • Change Featherweight from 1 1/2 tablespoons to 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon. We now recommend that you use Ener-G Baking Powder since they have altered it to a double-acting baking powder. With Ener-G you don't have to mix it in just before baking, like do with the Featherweight.
  • Make sure you put the Featherweight into the batter just prior to pouring into cups. Mix well then rush the muffins into a preheated oven.
  • Bake for 22 to 30 minutes at 350° F.
  • Remember to never add cold ingredients to baked goods recipes. Always room temperature or slightly warmer.
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Page 160: Belgian Waffles Supreme: The olive oil in the ingredients is for oiling the iron.
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Page 167: Almond Incredibles:
The word "almonds" in the instructions does not belong there.

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That's a printer's error.

The egg white and brown sugar (no paste) mixture is spread over the first layer per instructions. After spreading is when you bake them.

The publisher has taken a license here and it certainly is confusing. The third paragraph where it says Fold the brown sugar and almond paste into the egg white gradually is a mistake. The almond paste is already at the bottom of the pan and would be nearly impossible to mix into an egg white.

Instead, you will beat the eggs with the cream of tartar and fold in the brown sugar and spread that over the "paste mix" already in the pan.

Where Can I get commercially produced low sodium bread?

In the west, Safeway has a "Mrs. Wright's Very Low Sodium Bread" with just 5 mg per slice. It's good, too.

The only place Pete Eiden has found in Minneapolis that makes low sodium bread is an upscale grocery store called Byerly's. They make a few varieties.

The Baker A Salt Free Honey Whole Wheat Bread is available via shipment by calling 1-800-995-3989, or check out their web site at

Toufayan Bakeries An especially good no salt added pita bread. They are located in North Bergen N.J. Telephone number 201-861-4131.

Food For Life Baking Company Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium Sprouted Grain Bread; This bread is available throughout the country including at Whole Foods.

Alvarado St. Bakery Also under the Trader Joe's label. No salt bread from Alvarado St. Bakery is whole grain and 100% delicious when fresh. Store in zip locked bags. Breaks up easily, better when toasted. Their phone number is (707)585-3293,their website is Alvarado Street Bakery.

Fry's FRY'S in California and Arizona carry a sodium free white bread (5 mg) Store in zip lock bags or freeze.

The Giant Store Hunt Valley, Baltimore and Washington D. C. area. A store brand No Salt Added bread (10 mg)

Garden of Good Eatin' Low sodium pita bread (30 mg). Can be frozen.