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My lucky day. Found you after searching through other sites. It's easy to tell you know what you're talking about. Just ordered two of your books. Thanks so much. — Terry MacDonald

Just wanted to thank you guys for having the manual on-line for the breadmaker I just bought. Great! — Teri J.

I just wanted to thank you for your web site. I have looked for hours to find a owners manual for my Regal breadmaker model # 6725. I have bookmarked your site for future use. Your site is so easy to use. Thanks again. — Lynn – Center, TX

Thank you for offering the pdf of the owner's manual for my bread machine. I purchased the bread machine at a garage sale and they didn't have the manual. I am very grateful for sites like yours that offer the information I need to make wonderful fresh bread of my own. Thank you — Darla Fishback

You ROCK! Your website saved me! — Wendy F

P.S. I really think your website saved me. Not only the recipes and advice, but the knowledge that there are others out there and I'm not alone in my 'NEW' lifestyle. Keep up the wonderful work!

I am so lucky I found your site . Thank you. — Paul Delgado

Thank you very much for your reply. Always nice to get the accurate information. I truly appreciate what you are doing with the Megaheart site. Have a great year. — Peter Barker

Your site is the best on the Net. Wow! Thanks for all the help. — Dan Robertson

Thanks for the great site! I was diagnosed with CHF about 1 1/2 years ago and your site has been a great help! I was just reading in your question section and someone had asked about low sodium cheeses. Just thought I would let you know that the Meijers stores carry a Lorraine Cheese by Saputo that has only 35 mg of sodium in a 1 oz. slice and it is a BIG slice! A half a slice is sufficient for most sandwiches. — Jo Miller

Hi, You have the BEST site for people with high blood pressure. THANKS! — Diane from Texas

Your Web site is fantastic! I found your Web site in Light & Tasty. Thank you. — Tammy

G'day Don.
In April this year, I printed a copy of your "French Bread" recipe from the Megaheart site and I finally got round to trying it out last weekend. Wow, I am so impressed!!! It really was better than the baguettes we can buy at a bakery, and so much healthier. I don't use a bread machine but the resulting bread was perfect.

I correspond with the Salt Matters email group in Australia and I wanted to share this recipe with them but, when I went to your Megaheart site to find the location of the recipe, I couldn't find it. There is one called "Rosemary Baguettes" which is very similar. Is the original French Bread recipe still lurking round in a dark corner of your site? Anyway, I have sent the link for Rosemary Baguettes to the Salt Matters group. I have three of your cookbooks and use them regularly. Thanks! My very best wishes. — John Coates

Hi, Merry Christmas, Donald and family...I should get your book on Monday....I can't thank you enough for your website...I read every word.....My DH's BP 233/133 has come down to 111/78 this morning..Now give yourself a big hug for us. — Eve

Thank you so much for your website. It is great to know that I have an additional support system! — Chris Kemp

Hi, I really appreciate your website. It is so exciting. I am on a NO SALT diet and appreciate all the resources that are available. —Cheryl White

I am a dietitian who works with a large population of people with heart failure at a clinic associated with a large not-for-profit medical center. I am in the process of developing materials to help people comply with a low sodium diet. Of course I refer to your website often. Thank you. —
Katherine (Katie) Beich, MS, RD/LD, CNSD
Baylor University Medical Center
Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension Programs
621 North Hall Street, Suite 120
Dallas, Texas 75226

I was so excited about finding your website, I signed up immediately without really looking thru the site. In addition to having Meniere's, I am also allergic to corn and consequently sugar (my Dr. says your body cannot tell the difference between corn sugar and cane sugar). Just try to find something in the grocery store without salt, corn product or sugar! I have taken to doing more cooking on my own without these ingredients and feel better for it. I am really looking forward to exploring your cookbook. Thank You!!— Kay

Hi, Hope things are going well for you. Glad to see you still have your web-site going, it`s great how you have helped so many people, and the way you keep up on information about heart disease and new recipes for those who need them. — Tonja Hayes

This is a great website! Thank you for all the information, hope, guidance, and support. I continue to find your website an inspiration! What you recommend has already made such a positive difference in my cardiac health (I've suffered from very high hypertension most of my life). The change has been dramatic. Who would have thought that cutting out sodium could make such a difference?— Claire E. Townsend

I am really impressed by all of the work you've done and the information you've provided to help people manage their sodium intake and improve their health. When my doctor told me I needed to change my eating habits, I really didn't know how I was going to do it, but your website and cookbook will make it so much easier. I've also been very encouraged by reading about the amazing improvement you and others have experienced while on your diet and I really feel like it's also going to work for me. Thanks so much — Greg Blair

Hi: I just found your web site. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome. No one tells you how to cut out your salt - JUST DO IT!! Initially I would go to the grocery store and practically cry in frustration for lack of knowing what to do. I have made progress and the addition of your web site will make it much easier. Anyone who has Meniere's knows that every morsel that goes in your mouth has to be accounted for. People who do not have this condition just don't get it. My sister in law has told me that I am OBSESSED with salt. She is right. If I never have another Meniere's episode it will be to soon. Again, thanks!! — Cindy

It was eureka when we found your incredible website! As a caregiver for my 80 year old CHF mother, I have been very frustrated with the lack of information offered by hospital staff, M.D’s, and rehab facilities regarding specifics on fluid restriction and salt restriction. The salt-free diet has been especially challenging and then we found your site and promptly ordered one of your books. Hospitalizations for Mom should be less frequent and my husband and I, in our 50’s, will also benefit form your recipes. Thanks for the effort, concern, and creativity ! — Yasmina Spector

Your three cookbooks have served as my bible for the past year after an ICD implant. Would love to have more (Newsletter) recipes. — Pat Boyles

Aloha and Thank you Donald for the Welcome!!

I was given a scare not too long ago that I have an enlarged heart due to years of not being treated for high blood pressure...I am only 43 years old. Having just moved to Hawaii from the small US Territory of Guam, I had always been told that my blood pressure was "borderline", only to find out that I should have been treated for high blood pressure.

Since finding out that I have this condition, I have taken a "can do" attitude and have totally eliminated salt from my diet and cooking. I have so far lost over 60 lbs. and going strong. All I need to do is see my three boys each day for my inspiration. Your newsletter and recipes are truly a big help and I am so grateful to have come across them. Thank you.

Keep up the good work. It truly is a valuable resource for people like myself.

Melissa S. San Nicolas

Thank you for your informative and speedy reply.... If only more health care sites were as quick to respond... Bravo. — Mary Reidy

You are my example! :-) I always look at your site first when seeking low sodium recipes. — Lianne McNeil

I want to thank you for a wonderful site! I found out recently that my Mom, who is 77 years old, has kidney problems and is restricted on her diet. Since she is coming for a visit soon, I have been trying to find easy to do recipes that she would enjoy. Your site has helped a great deal! Thank you again, — Sue, from Tucson

I just wanted to write this to thank you for the tremendous information you have on your MegaHeart website. I do not have high blood pressure or anything like that. In 2000 I was diagnosed with a neurological disease called Psuedo Tumor Cerebri. What I have come to understand is that it is much like high blood pressure - however the pressure of my blood doesn't raise, the pressure of the fluid around my brain and spinal cord does. If allowed to go untreated I would eventually lose my sight (I actually had begun to develop blind spots). I was put on a very nasty medication called acetazolimide to control it and ordered to lose weight (I had lost about 80 pounds, became pregnant with my daughter then in the last 18 months lost 100 lbs). At my last doctor's appointment, my doctor became concerned with the low dosage of the medication I was on. He suggested a 2000mg sodium diet. It has been, needless to say, VERY difficult. I stumbled upon the MegaHeart website and was blown away by all the recipies and suggestions on how to flavor food without the use of salt. I made the BarBQue sauce and brushed it on chicken breasts while they were baking. My husband couldn't believe how good the sauce was - he loved it! I just checked the site for a salad dish to pass for a party we are having at our house tomorrow night and the next time I hit the bookstore I am picking up my copy of the "Low Salt" cookbook. Thank you again for all your work - it is making a very difficult situation much, much better!— Tricia Andersen

I have already read what's on the internet now - AND I've ordered the cookbook, to be mailed to our daughter's home in MD, where it can be a Christmas gift for my husband, Melvin, the CHF patient.\I AM SO THANKFUL TO BE CONNECTED TO YOUR SITE!—Dorothy B. Marsden

Your website is great! I will be ordering your cookbook!—Danna Chaney

Thank you for being there for a lot of folks with heart troubles. We have learned bunches about sodium and how to watch for it. Thank you, again, for a wonderful site.— Keith and Jean Wise

Truely a life saving site! Thanks, low sodium recipes.—Laura Maher

I just have to take a minute of your time to tell you, how wonderful your two cook books are. They are like my "bible". Ohh what a help they have been. Between you and "Pete's" place, where I can order so many things, it surely has been a big big help to me. My husband needs all the help I can get and do for him. I am checking your sight all the time.—Charlene

My bp was pre hypertension. I want you to know that I have been watching my diet based on info/guidelines I found on your website. I just had my BP taken and it was 122/80 :-) Now with your cookbook I can keep it that way!

Your website is fantastic and I am going to recommend it to my MD and give it top billing in the handout we (my husband and I) have done for her to give patients whom she puts on a low sodium diet. Thank you so much for the work you have done for the benefit of all of us needing this diet.—Penelope Putnam

After my first visit, this appears to be a very well designed & orgaized site. I look forward to visiting it frequently.—Aletha B.

I was given this address when my husband was in Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. I have used a couple of your recipes and they are very good, interesting ingredients also. Joe had a heart transplant in June of 02, and I have joined Weight Watchers to lose weight. Your recipes are wonderful and I have told some of the people in my weight watchers class about your address. I hope they have used it like I have. Thanks and keep up the good work. As always— Lois Byers

Thanks for getting back to me. Your cookbook and website have been very helpful to me with cooking for my 80-year old dad who is not supposed to have salt in his diet. Though he is very reluctant to anything that I cook for him I know that I am doing the right thing with your help. Keep up the good work. — Mary L.

Great web site! I just ordered the book and look forward to the recipes as well as the email news!— Gary P.

I am so happy that I discovered this web site. I am trying to switch to a low sodium diet and this site should be very helpful!—R. Fulton

Dear Don, Thank you for your newsletter. Your answers to me were a greater help than you can imagine. You really encouraged us after 3 bouts of Heart Failure. We wish you and your family good health and a fun New Year. Elinor and Fred.

Love your site, and am now trying your recipes. Thanks— L. Busby

I need so much help in trying to find reduced sodium items that I love and have had to give up. MUSTARD - MIRICLE WHIP - BarBQue sauce - CHEDDAR CHEESE!! LOL! I feel like a kid denied candy for the rest of his life! LOL!!! Sandwich meat for a quick lunch is out of the question. MY GOSH! that stuff is loaded with sodium!! I think this site will be really great!!— K.Harris

Thanks for a wonderful cookbook and web site. — Diane Miller

Thanks for telling us about the new Heluva Good low sodium cheddar cheese. It really tastes like cheese. I never would have found it without your website. — Susan McKnight — Note: Since this letter, Heluvagood has discontinued their low sodium cheddar.

You are a rare and much appreciated resource. Thank you! — Jessica Maccaro, Baldwin, NY.

I work with Judy Kinnecom at Morton Plant Mease Health Care in our CHF Out Patient Education department. I love your cookbook. We show and recommend it to all of our patients. I also recommend this web site to those that have computers. Thank you for all of your efforts in helping those with CHF. You have done a great job with your cookbook and your website. — Debbie Eddy, RN

Hi Don, Even the children of this world are into your book and website. Check out this website. Click on the cookbook section. —E. Wynn.
Billy Bear 4 Kids

GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO WORK ON THIS SITE! Like I told my Grandson Bad things happen to us so we can learn and turn around and help other people, may he use me. — Connie Gaston

Great site! Not just for heart patients, but those of us fighting hypertension. Lets get the word out about this sodium thing! —Billie Major

I read about your book in the USC Trojan Family Magazine and plan to purchase a copy from my local bookstore to use for both myself and for my fiance. Thank you so much for your dedication to recovering your health and for sharing the information with others.—Patricia P.

I am very impressed with your web site, it has helped me a great deal. - Oney, Australia

Thanks so much for creating this website. I am a nurse specialist in heart failure and have longed for some resources for my patients in their dietary restrictions. I will definitely be referring them to you and recommend your book to them! Thanks so much—Melanie Hail, BSN, RN,
Surgical Research Coordinator, Heart Failure
Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Very happy to find you via the Queensland Hypertension Assoc. newsletter. Both myself and my fiance suffer from heart failure and love to eat so your site and your recipes will be a marvellous help. — Peter J.

Thanks for the recipe. This is what I call comfort food. My mother made Cream puffs on a regular basis, as we got older, she stopped making them for Dad, but would make them on request for me. She used homemade pudding for the filling and a chocolate glaze. We would eat a whole tray of them in 2 days, most the first. Boy, this brings back the memories! Thank you — Brian

Heard about this site through the Queensland's Hypertension Society's Salt Skip Program. I am on a low salt diet because of Meniere's - so far it is working, indeed it is the only thing that has worked - so I am very interested in receiving your newsletter. — Maureen C.

I have Menieres so am VERY INTERESTED in your low sodium recipes. Thank you and please keep up the good work. — Diane

Hi Don, I was just diagnosed at 47 with hypertension. I am also a borderline diabetic and was thrilled to find your cookbook that caters to those of us that can't have salt or sugars/carbs. The recipies are wonderful and I won't have a bit of trouble changing my lifestyle with its help. Just had to say thanks. The website is marvelous, well thought out and very, very user friendly. It is on the top of my "favorites" list!!! Thanks and take care!— Lee Predeau

Hello, I am very happy to find your book, web site and newsletter. I bought your book for my parents. My father just came home from the hospital with a diagnosis of CHF. We are getting together today to put together menu plans and snacks - and we will be using your book. Thanks!

Hi. I wanted to thank you for the information you have posted for others who have problems with salt. I have Menieres Disease, and have to be very careful of salt. — Jeannie H.

Had CHF in 08/2001-was a wakeup call for me, it was due to high blood pressue-196/123, I am super sensitive to salt, have lost 51 lbs. since August, lost over 40# in one month and I feel great. You are a godsend. I just found your website. Keep up the good work. — Louis P.

I own a copy of the cookbook. I think it is great. I am also CHF patient. I have improved so much that they have started to take me off of some of my medication. Two years ago I was given a poor prognosis. — Pat M.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival in the mail from of your "No Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook". Thanks for all this info. Melva P.

My husband suffers from congestive heart failure due to the total closure of all heart arteries except one in the center & salt intake has to be totally reduced. Thank you for the recipes. — Jeannette E.

Thanks for your site, and for the restaurant guide. I've been looking for something like this on the Web for a long time. I have Meniere's syndrome and eating out, which was one of the great pleasures of my life, has become a huge drag because of the sodium issue. I hope more people will write in and recommend restaurants (especially in New York City — gotta try that Angelo's place someone else posted). — Edith Sachs

I am the Medical Secretary to Dr. Stephen Jennison, Medical Director of the Heart Failure/Heart Transplant Program at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Illinois. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy almost two years ago and while I am not on a 2000 mg low sodium diet, as many of our patients our, I do watch my sodium intake! We have sold many of the "No-Salt" Cookbook and encourage our patients to look at this website and order the book. Thank you and God bless you !!!! — Bonnie Fortner

Wow!!!! I've joined other websites boasting "no salt" meals, but yours is the best and it's FREE!!!!! Your recipes are great, great, great. I can tell you're a real chef and all without salt. Love your meal planning guide in your book, too. You must have spent a long time working all this out, and we do appreciate it. Thank you, thank you. — Marevic Jaks

About 4 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with right and left ventricular failure CHF. This was discovered while I was in the hospital recovering from having clinically died for 3 1/2 minutes from CHF. I was zapped back to life by a couple of our local firemen who had taken it upon themselves to take paramedic training. After 8 days being in a coma, while my wife was told twice to call in the priest, The Toronto General Hospital, implanted a Defib/Pacer in me. A year ago I had to have my Defib replaced because of its usage and low batteries, being rushed to the hospital about every 6-8 weeks for Bipap (twice with tubal resuscitation) and Lasix treatment. This January a young specialist (Dr. Heather Ross), at Toronto General Hospital, brought out her whip, and taught me about the effects of sodium on my heart. I owe this beautiful lady my life. Since then I have had to go to hospital only once in late June during the heat wave because I finished off a full pitcher of frozen lemonade (it contained sodium citrate). I will devote my life to convincing the doctors in this area of Canada about the effects of sodium on the human body. Your site and your insight has become my favorite site as there is so much info for life without sodium. I am going to be having a session with my local doctor about getting off most of the chemicals (8 different ones) that he now has me on. My main problem of grossly enlarged heart - with a very low EF of 24 - is I feel, behind me. There now is so much time to give back to my wonderful wife of 37 years who has been though hell and back in supporting me and my lack of knowledge about sodium. I am ordering your book right away and "Thanks Donald," you have given me much more hope of being able to see our grandchildren graduate from college many years from now. Yours in health — Ernie Wynne

I'm so happy to have found you. Many of the diabetic and diet books do not have any info on how to season with spices and herbs,etc. I look forward to your newsletters. — Miriam Haefner

Dear Sir, My wife is a heart patient who has benefited greatly from your website. — Orville E. Easterly

Dear Don, Thanks for the low sodium pizza recipe! We had it for dinner and were VERY IMPRESSED! We really appreciate your efforts at keeping things flavorful and satisfying! The new web site is going to be so informative too — hope you are able to keep up the great work. It is very helpful to those of us who cook and care for CHF patients. Very sincerely, Grammy (PB)

I just wanted to thank-you for many great recipes and information about low sodium. We started being aware of it when my husband had heart problems about a year ago. His blood pressure was so high and the only signs were that he seemed to get tired easier. It went on long enough that it weakened the heart walls, but here we are today on a low sodium diet and he's improved 50% and the doctor is sure it will be a 100%. THANKS AGAIN GAIL - Portland TN

Hi Don, Many thanks for sending your book to our doctor. He was delighted! He kept thanking me and I kept saying that I wasn't the person who gave it to him. Thanks again. Best wishes, Lee (in Costa Rica)

Dear Don, Thanks for the newsletters and the book. My father is doing much better now that we are on a low sodium diet. We do not go as low as 500 mg a day, but are close on some days. Again thanks. — B R Barrett

Thanks for the great site! I just got my cookbook, and I'm loving it! — Michelle

What a wonderful surprise to find your website. After a ENG test, I was diagnosed with Meniere's and have been struggling to find no-sodium products in the supermarket — except for fresh fruit and veggies, it has been very difficult. Your page has answered a million questions and I have ordered the cookbook. Arlene

Great web site. Please add me to your newsletter recipients. - Lee Ann

I think I've died and gone to heaven! Please send me your newsletter. "laughing"

Thanks for the great website full of info for my mother w/ CHF. — "B112360"

My husband has Meniere's Disease and is on a very low sodium diet. We tried everything but a new diuretic and the diet seem to help greatly. Your site is so appreciated. It is the best I have found. Thank you for taking your time to create and keep this site running. Roberta Rosen - Austin, TX

Your well-organized and excellently written website has served to calm some of my fears and to provide me with the necessary tools to meet this challenge head on. Please please continue this wonderful work. I gained so much valuable information from just ONE visit, and I plan to return often. Thank you again! Alice — BoRhap77-

Hi Don (, and Pete ( I had an appointment with my cardiologist yesterday; she was very pleased at the fact that my legs are barely swelling now & told me I don't need to wear support stockings any more. I handed her a sheet of paper, decorated with hearts, containing the same info about both of you that I had sent out to my computer club in January & told her "here's why." Her eyes lit up when she read it; she asked some questions & thanked me several times for bringing it. When I was paying my bill at the front desk one of her staff came over & thanked me, too. I felt like a real celebrity thanks to both of you. — Toni-

All I can say is THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU for making your book and website available to those of us who need it!!!! Susan-

Please sign me up for the newsletter mailing list. I found several helpful items and tips in your site so far! It's wonderful, keep up the great work. Patsy at psgolden-

Hi, I can't tell you how excited I am having just devoured your website for the past hour. I feel so hopeful and inspired. I am 41 (with two small kids) and have cardiomyopathy/CHF, EF of 25. I am in Cardiac Rehab and am embarking on a great exercise program. My cardiac nurse said LOW SODIUM. I have been waiting for the nutritionist and have had very little clue about how to proceed with a No Salt Life. I feel like I found a new home. Love the humor, info, recipes and support. Can't wait to get started. Got an EF to get up, and two beautiful children to raise. You are an inspiration and a Godsend. And among all the others, thanks for the tip on beating the heat. Our temps get to 100 in the summer, I would not have thought about it. Thea-

Your site & the healthy heart market site have really helped me to accept what I have, to understand it & to deal with it. Your site is a ray of sunshine as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for all the work you put into it. - Toni Toni9235-

My Mom is having a heck of a time planning meals with low salt. I pulled out every low fat cookbook I had in my library....but not one of them address the issue of salt! Finally, I found your website!!! After reviewing the recipes on the site, I must say that I was very impressed. Not only do they look good, but you can actually find most ingredients at your local grocery store! The few that can't be found locally you have provided order information on! (Most healthy cookbooks use "gourmet" ingredients that can not be left out and the recipes are so complicated that the person faced with cooking everyday meals is left in a quandary.) Also,the nutrient lists at the end of each recipe make the task of sodium monitoring a snap! — Melissa,

Don, I was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy in August. Until I read your book (I'm a journalist, and a fellow journalist forwarded me a review copy), I didn't give myself much hope. However, I've since adopted a 600 mg. / day sodium diet, and I've learned to cut out most meat and fats. I've lost over 15 pounds, and my doctors are more and more impressed with each week's results. It looks like I'll avoid being listed — all because I did what YOU said was possible. Thanks a lot. Thanks a TON! —John Victor, N. Adams MA

All the info I've gotten from you has helped bring the swelling down in my feet and ankles. Thanks for all and I do intend to get your book. Pokey

Dear Don:
Wow! Thanks for the swiss chard heads-up. I pulled up your Newsletter today, which was darn lucky because this evening I would have been making my husband swiss chard. He loves it and had found a really beautiful bunch at the grocery this morning. BTW, he had his one-year check this week and everything looks good. This, for a man who was told he would need a transplant. Thanks for the help you've given in allowing us to maintain (if not exceed) our former high culinary standards. We are SO looking forward to your book. M. Lee Witte

"I started your regime in February. My bloods have been fantastic, and tx centre said if my progress continues I may come off list at next check-up in Nov." (U.K.)

You are doing a wonderful job, and I"m starting on your program today.

I NOTICED!!!!! Last month I asked if the vitamin K value could be included in the the recipes and YOU DID IT, thank you very husband of almost 44 years, whom I love very much, is the heart patient and I want t do the best I can to keep feeling as great as he does now. So often people comment, "Really, Fran, at your age (64 and 68) does it matter that much?" It does to me, because it is the quality of our life not just the years. You have been a blessing to us!!!
God bless you for the help you provide to folks.
Fran (Hank's wife)

You really make life much better, I love to cook so this is a great help in keeping Pete's sodium low. So far I have tried all the recipes you have sent and they are wonderful, nice to know you can lower the sodium and still have food that tastes great. I also had open heart ten years ago and find this is doing a lot of good (for me) also. Sure wish the cook book was out now. We have signed up for it.
Thanks again.
Pete and Marlene Coffman

Your site has made my new 'lifestyle' a little bit easier to swallow (pun intended). The cookies in the sample recipes are great — I have lowered the sugar amounts by substituting a major portion of the brown sugar with the Sugar Twin brown sugar and using fructose and have had no appreciable difference from the original recipe. I have also made sandwich rolls using my breadmaker (an appliance I've had for over a year and am just now making the best use of it with my no-salt breads). Of course as I'm sure you realized at first, all of that non-convenience cooking takes some time to get used to but now I just do it without hemming and hawing. (I ordered the Featherweight Baking Powder from the store mentioned on your site and am in heaven! (Healthy Heart Market)— quick breads were too hard to give up!) Also, fyi, when I 'needed' some ice cream this past weekend I had considered Breyer's because of the all natural ingredients - 50-65 mg of sodium but found a lactose free brand that contained only 40 mg of sodium. A scoop with fresh strawberries and I was very satisfied.

Thanks again — another proof that from tragedy comes genius. -jo

Don, Thanks so much for the spaghetti sauce recipe. It is fantastic. I did throw in some fresh frozen tomatoes from my garden, and some Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb blend in place of the garlic powder. I also took about a cup of the sauce and put it in the blender and then back into the pot. Thanks again, Colleen

Hi, Don. Your biscotti recipe is great!! I LOVE it, and so does my family! It doesn't taste like a low sodium recipe at all. Thanks a bunch!

Thank you very much for helping us to stay healthy!!! Your website is my favorite and most beneficial. Your are very kind to offer this service. Fran (Hank's wife)

Don's Herb Spice Mix.

Don - Friday evening I had the opportunity to prepare your new "Raisin Rye" (although , I did eliminate the raisins at Mom's request). Saturday, I picked up four of her friends (all in the 83-86 age range, had been excellent cooks and bakers) and visited my Mom. I "presented" your Raisin Rye bread. This is what I heard: a. The bread is "beautiful" b. "Wonderful Texture" c. Great Taste! d. Detect a "unique" ingredient (?) Turned out to be the apple juice. e. "There's apple juice in this bread ........ How clever!" f. "Absolutely delicious!!!!! Now have additional "orders" from all! J. Vincent

Don - I searched in vain for salt-free bread. I even stopped at a local bread bakery but was not able to get salt-free bread from them. The only product out there was gluten free bread which did not fit our needs. I finally broke down and bought a bread machine. I've made your salt-free wheat bread multiple times for my husband (who's on the low-sodium diet) and he really likes it. Just for curiousity sake I followed the recipe for the whole wheat bread that came with the machine and left out the salt. I was told (by my husband) "don't make that new recipe anymore - use Don's recipe, it's really good!" I just wanted you to know that "we know" what "you know" - your bread recipe is g-o-o-o-d! Thanks for your great recipes!

Don - I purchased the Breadman that you have. Absolutely Love It! Your whole wheat bread is incredible! So chewy - we love it - Mom especially. She's asking if I can get a recipe for rye bread - do you have one? Going to try your lasagna this weekend. The recipes are great!!!!!!! Thanks again. - janice

Hi Don,
I would love some more recipies. I was amazed at the taste of the pizza. We are scheduled to leave for Germany in June. As soon as I have an address I will order from Amazon. I hope they ship to APO addresses. Thanks again. W. Nagle

Thank you so much for the recipes. They have been delicious! I especially liked the meal plan you sent me. I definitely will be ordering the cookbook. If you have any others, I would appreciate receiving them. My children are slowly adjusting to the different tastes. (They are 6 and 4-1/2 years old. We also have a 5 month old.) Thank you again for your help and the recipes. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to maintain a low-sodium diet. So far, I have not had any severe attacks with my Meneires Disease since I have lowered my sodium.

What a great looking newsletter! Can't wait to try all the new recipes. Hope you know how appreciated your efforts are! Adhering to a low-sodium diet can be a real trial, especially if you want to share those meals with friends or family. Don has been a true godsend! His recipes are easy to follow and so tasty that many have become family favorites, especially the Orange Zest Waffles and Whole Wheat Bread. His newly created newsletter is a wonderful addition, full of great recipes and tips on where to find the best low-sodium substitutes. Don's work is the hands-down best on the subject!

Hello! The recipe for the lasagna looks fabulous! I especially like how you have pictures to guide you along in making the recipe. Very helpful for those folks who are not used to cooking from scratch and all of a sudden this is a necessity. Thank you so much. I am SO impressed with everything I have seen from you so far. Keep up the extraordinary work! Krista Stenhaug, RD

I love your Megaheart newsletter! I am always looking for new recipes, and it is so nice to see your recipes included with pictures. I can tell that this newsletter has been produced by a pro! Thanks for sending me your newsletter, and I have already ordered your new cookbook from the Healthy Heart Market. Carol

Thanks, Don! What fun! This newsletter is a great idea. I've tried several of your recipes and have really enjoyed them. Can't wait to get the book.
Juli Leistner
Medical Public Affairs

Thank you so very much for the pancake recipes!! Our son loved them and the waffles. It was very kind of you. I wish the book had a earlier release date.
Thanks again
Tina Harper

Dear Don, I want to thank you for the quick response to my request. I surely must be wrong on the amount of for sodium requested for my husbands diet. I certainly will check this out. I have already preordered the book from, looking forward to receiving it. Thank you again for you quick response and the sample recipe. Dolores <189700 ->

Thank you very much for your help. You have sent me great recipes, I have enjoyed so many of them. Can't wait till the book comes out!
Laurie S.

Dear Don: I keep hoping I will open my computer and get an "It's here!" message about the book. Yesterday, my husband had his 5-month exam & he is doing very well. In August, we were hearing "transplant", and now after a quad bypass (the 5th artery being too small and tiny to work on) he got a MUGA ejection rate of 38% and all his stats are good. We, of course, credit his fine doctors, and exercise and not smoking, but very, very much attribute a lot of the success to your diet. It makes sense, it works, and it is very tasty. To celebrate last night, he asked me to make that great pasta sauce with the red onions and balsamic vinegar. It's a family favorite (which also works well with some boneless, skinless chicken bits mixed in). I have tried almost all your sample recipes and all have been hits. We never, ever thought low sodium (no salt), could be so delicious. Thank God for you. Keep up the good work and get that book out! Yours appreciatively, M. Lee Witte -

The recipes for Christmas and Thanksgiving were great. Thanks so much for sharing them. I was getting so discouraged about food in general because
with Meniere's I really try to keep my sodium down very low. Your recipes have really helped me look forward to cooking again! I can't wait until the
book comes out! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new Year.
Sincerely, Laurie

As always Don your recipes were well accepted at my Christmas open house we have such a mixed group of people that the healthy ones sometimes didn't care
for some of the low salt dishes but yours they didn't even notice a change and I felt I gave them good start at a healthy New Year...good job...Thanks
again and have a nice New Year....Marti

Have tried a couple of your recipes and they are really great. With Meniere's, the major problem has been to be able to keep within 500mg.
per day and still have tasty, healthful meals. Another problem has been to keep the fat/calories low so as to not overload on them. It appears
that if the fat is low, the sodium is high, and if the sodium is low, the fat is high ... all for taste. Your recipes are certainly an aid in
contolling both. Can hardly wait for the book.
Thanks again!

Thanks so much for the recipes... I made the waffles this morning and they were just great!!!! I could not believe how good they were!! Thanks again, I'll be looking for the cookbook to come out, Pat Lat

Hi I just thought I would let you know I used your recipes for Thanksgiving and it went over very well.....Everyone truly enjoyed the meal without knowing that they were eating No Salt.
Thank you very much

I just wanted to thank you very much for the recipes and tell you that they are appreciated. And mostly to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and a safe and healthy New Year Judy

Great stuffing!!!! Although I must confess...I used store bought sour dough bread. Came out great!!!! When time allows, I plan on making the bread,
and the stuffing again. Would be wonderful with pork chops. I do not own a bread machine nor have I ever made any bread. My kids are on a no added
salt diet, so store bough bread worked out pretty well.
Happy holidays, carolyn and family

Dear Don,
I just wanted to thank you for sending the Thanksgiving meal plan. We didn't decide until the day before Thanksgiving to stay put and cook our own dinner and your menu came in very handy:
Cranberry Raisin Salad: Even my 15 year old liked and ate it - he especially found the jicama of interest. The salad was light and a nice variety to interesting flavors - a great addition to an otherwise heavy meal.
Yams - I made a half order in a CorningWare pan and loved the flavor.
Dinner Rolls - These were a hit. Nice subtle flavor.
Pumpkin Pie - I accidenlty added twice the no-salt magerine and so made a double amount and made one huge pie in my quiche pan. My son didn't like it as much as he had hoped, but I loved it. The Crust was light and flaky.
Stuffing - Great! My favorite part of the Turkey Dinner anytime! I substituted Bok Choy for the Celery and Leaks for the onions and only made half the amount. I used a mixure of white, wheat and corn bread (left over in the frig) all with a varience of sodium amount, but none over 125 per slice. I nixed the nuts and added less the amount of apple juice since I was cooking it in my turkey.

Dear Mr. Gazzinga:
Thanks for your message. I will make this with full confidence that it's good—because ALL of the recipes you've given me are fantastic... I certainly want to get this book AND give you max encouragement and advance pay since your mission is so important to families like ours. Best wishes to you and your family for a
great holiday.
Yours truly, M. Lee Witte

Hi Donald, I recieved your recipe for Turkey stuffing. It looks real good, we are diffently going to try it, since I'm limited to 2000mg.of sodium a day. I really appreciate your generousity and time in sharing, I have dilated cardiomyopathy and keeping taste in the diet isnt easy.I will let you know how it comes out. I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving. Bill Stevenson

Dear Don,
Thanks so much for the URL sites with recipes for the low sodium stuff. You just made a 77 year old mother of mine a very happy person for
Thanksgiving and many days to come. We will be purchasing the book as soon as it comes out. Thank you so much again.
Eileen McNeff
McNeff <>

The recipes I have tried have been wonderful!

Thanks for your help.

Thanks once again for your recipes. I have a problem with Meneires Disease - inner ear - so on a very low sodium diet - I have tried a couple of the recipes you sent earlier - orange glaze chicken and a bread - nice change when you don't know what to make to eat! Thanks for the ongoing e-mail's they are really appreciated.
Sandy Brunt

I understand your cookbook is coming out in early 2000. Please give me a heads up when it becomes available. I run a CHF out-patient program and
meal planning and recipes are the difficult part. I look forward to some new ideas.........thanks
Patty Bahrijczuk E-Mail:

Hi, Don. Thanks for the sample recipes. They looked great, so I went ahead and pre-ordered your book. I can't wait 'til it comes out!! Bless you for
writing it! I receive treatment at a clinic that specializes in heart failure. I'll let them know about your book so they can spread the word to
their other patients. If you wouldn't mind giving me a sneak preview of a pizza recipe, I would be most grateful. That's the "salty" food I miss most. Best wishes—
Juli Leistner

11299I am very interested in various sauces. I read a compliment on your BBQ sauce and would love to get the recipe. I used to love hot sauces but now
realize they are loaded. Do you have any recipes or suggestions? How about Ranch Dressing.

10899 Your whole wheat bread is excellent. Thanks!

M. Lee Witte—

10499 (Barbecue Sauce) I put all the ingredients together exactly as your recipe instructed. I frankly was a surprised at how good it turned out and the quality flavor, delicious taste it has. Kudos and many thanks. I certainly will be happy when your new book becomes available. Thanks again, Ross Sanders

Hi, Don. Thanks for the sample recipes. They looked great, so I went ahead and pre-ordered your book. I can't wait 'til it comes out!! Bless you for

writing it! I receive treatment at a clinic that specializes in heart failure. I'll let them know about your book so they can spread the word to their other patients.
If you wouldn't mind giving me a sneak preview of a pizza recipe, I would be most grateful. That's the "salty" food I miss most. Best wishes—
Juli Leistner —

Hi Don- Thank you for the information and recipes regarding CHF. I am looking forward to trying them and your book in 2000. My father came to visit yesterday and seemed very positive about the information and recipes. I have downloaded several articles off the web for him to read. The more knowledge and education he receives the better he feels about the changes that must be made for him to live a quality life. He is a very active seventy-five years old hands on farmer and is having a difficult time depending on others and delegating responsibilities. Any words of wisdom would be welcome.
Thank you again and you certainly are an inspiring example for my father. Have a wonderful day.
Darlene PS My direct e-mail address is

Hi, Just wanted you to know about those of us who are out here with a different reason for a low sodium diet. I have Meniere's disease, an inner ear
disorder in which an excessive amount of inner ear fluid accumulates and causes plugged ears, ringing, dizziness and severe vertigo. There is no
known cause nor is there any cure, but the symptoms have been treated with diuretics and low sodium diets. I, myself, had to empty my pantry of all
the processed, boxed, canned, jarred items. And fastfood and restaurant food. I am a busy on-the-go person who has relied on these foods for years. Now,
I find myself looking at every little thing to see how much sodium is in it. I am allowed 1500 mgs/day. Not much. I have literally lost interest in
food. Because of some gastrointestinal problems, I am limited on fruits and vegetables, despite what the studies say. But anything is better than those
hours of dizziness. Stores and manufacturers do not take restricted salt intake into account when using the words "health" on their products. I have been at my wits'
end. Your book is a welcome sight.
Kathy Fiffick

Thank-you! We tried a few of your recipes, and I must say, you really know how to cook with low salt! Our favorite recipe is the one with chicken, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies and grape juice. I sent the recipes, that I had printed, home with my mom. She is trying them one by one. This has been a turning point for her, and I think you can take much of the credit for that. She sees that she doesn't have to give-up ...just readjust! When you first sent the recipes, I was desperate because she was so congested and shouldn't have had any salt. I'm not the best cook(sigh), and my dinners were worse when I took the salt away!!!!! Your recipes are not complicated and make cooking seem so simple!! You must be part chemist. You have been more than generous and I thank you again! Doree

Thank you for all the help your site has provided. I have enjoyed several of the sample recipes and look forward to buying the book. As a CHF patient I really need it. I am doing well with my diet, but all the bread I make in my new bread machine is very bland without salt. Thanks in advance; Jim Ross

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your recipes are incredible. The flavors are back. My wife and I couldn’t believe your chicken recipes. So different and yet so greatly flavorful. I had no idea spices and herbs could mean so much. Thank you over and over.” Steve Orr, Raley’s Supermarkets, Granite Bay, California

The masala spinach tasted! Thanks a ton! usha kakarla.
It is essential for my father to eliminate all salt and lower his sodium intake to 2000 mg per day. This cookbook is exactly what I've been searching for. The recipes are not just tasty, they're HEALTHY too. This is a boon to all heart patients (not to mention those just wanting to lower the risks). Dana Ellebracht,

“Your Danny Boy cookies are great. Don’t change a thing!! We definitely don’t feel deprived when we can make a cookie this good. Can’t wait to try other recipes!! My 13 year old son and his friends said they were really, really good! We plan to try other recipes you sent us.” – Nancy Szatkowski
It is hard to provide testimonial support for a book that isn't out yet, but your bread recipes for one, are outstanding. Not just as no salt or low sodium but as bread...pure and delicious. I currently have run into two patients struggling with a cardiomyopathy who are extremely interested in purchasing a copy of your book when it is available. As to publisher concerns that the diet may not be healthy, it may be a question that needs to be resolved for the general public, but it is, I believe, accepted for patients with certain conditions. Cardiomyopathy, hypertension and cirrhosis immediately jump to mind and represent a sizable marketing group. With no other resource available to them, this sort of cookbook would definitely be an asset in the management of their disease process. William H. Gentry, MD

Thanks so much for all the sample recipes that you sent us. I have already tried the carrot cake! Boy, was it yummy! We had company for dinner Thursday night and I served it for dessert. Everyone loved it even without icing! It is certainly a "make again and again" recipe! Thanks. Jerry and Kay Heller

Tested your Cinnamon Rolls at Christmas. All my house guests as well as my children "loved" them. It is wonderful to find such tasty salt-free rolls. I have been looking for more recipes. In my family of fifteen, three members require a salt-free or low sodium diet. Looking forward to your cookbook with the no-salt recipes. Until it is available, please send me a few main course ideas. Thank you, Marge Quinn (

I am so excited about the thoughts of a cookbook dedicated to those of us with heart problems. Most cookbooks show fat, calorie and cholestrol numbers, but not sodium. It has been over 2 years since I was diagnosed and I still make mistakes with salt content in recipes. It is not enough to say that we shouldn't use a salt shaker, that is obvious. It is the hidden salt in foods that trip me up all the time. I am looking forward to this cookbook. It will be a lifesaver (literally!!) Sue Bennetch

Just wanted to let you know that I am anxiously awaiting your low sodium cookbook. After having my heart attack last April my doctor was very concerned about me watching my sodium intake. I assured him that I would stay within 2000/mg per day but didn't realize how hard it would be. Everything has sodium in it and therefore a heart patient must cook everything from scratch. I must tell you that I tried your chicken with orange honey glaze and the pizza recipe and both were delicious.

I can no longer eat in a restaurant. Not with my serious hypertension. No wonder either. Restaurant chefs salt everything fairly heavily and often use way too much of their food from cans, which carry their own load of salt and sodium. Not being creative I am dependent on the Low Salt Cookbook of Don Gazzaniga' might say, "The no salt, low sodium, feel good >cookbook." One of the rewards from serving his recipes to guests is when I tell them After they eat, that they had a ver low dose of sodium and absolutely no salt. They never believe me, which gives us a great conversation piece for dessert. And Don's desserts are great. Viva la Megaheart Cookbook."
I have tried so many no salt cook books I find yours is the best so far! I have had kidney failure for many years and know of many diabetic on dialysis and heart patients who have benefited from your recipes so I have past a few on and am waiting to get a copy for my self and the library of the hospital for patient information! As well as the many friends I have made through the years that are on no or low salt diets.
There are over 400,000 of us out there as of now and over 200,000 of us joining ranks every year in every state in the USA and more than 1,000,000 in the world today! Just by the numbers I know your book will be a smash hit on the top ten of cookbooks in not time flat! Just to let you know your doing the best for so many that I personally can't thank you enough! Thank you. Julie
I have made several loaves of your no salt whole wheat bread and will continue to do so. It is important for people like me with heart problems to have a very low sodium diet so we won't retain fluids in our bodies. I do all I can to keep my sodium intake as low as possible to avoid having to have my lungs and or heart area drained. Thanks for sending the recipes. Bill
"The only reason Don is not yet on the heart transplant list, is because of his compliant behaviour with his medication, and his own low sodium diet plan that he has translated into a great cookbook for others to use." —Dr. Michael B.Fowler, Stanford Heart Transplant Clinic.
Thank you for the wonderful recipes. Finally, something we can cook and eat. I’ve tried a bunch of other books and none worked as well. I especially love the sodium counts with each ingredient. Helps me to adjust recipes if I want. Dearly love the Shae’s chicken and the cinnamon rolls are WONDERFUL. – Donna Lee Harper, Los Angeles, California
"The Applesauce Pork Chops were delicious and easy to prepare. My wife, who is not always thrilled about my low sodium cooking, even loved them. The thing I really like about Don's recipes is they are quick and easy to prepare, and use common, easy to find ingredients. Many cookbooks fail in that regard." — Pete Eiden, Healthy Heart Market
"We just finished an incredible meal. A complete dinner with barbecued ribs, vegetables, potatoes, dessert, bbq sauce to die for and the total sodium count was only 120mg. My blood pressure has just been rescued by Gazzaniga's cookbook... I'll live forever." —Scott Domeny, Teacher

"Does lightning strike twice? You bet it does. Some years ago, when I was battling an excessively high cholesterol count, a book came out showing me how to lower it — and it worked like a charm. Now, having to reduce my salt in take because of blood pressure problems, along comes Don Gazzaniga's book dealing with a no-salt diet — just in time. I'm going to be the first in line to buy several copies — I'm sending them to all my good friends." —Frank J. Stevens, Sports Writer, Los Angeles

THE oat and jam MUFFINS — "These muffins are just what the doctor ordered! No saturated fat, plenty of cholesterol-lowering oat bran, and a no-salt baking powder that keeps them 100% healthy. I eat them every morning for breakfast and sneak one for a snack during the day." —Frank J. Stevens, Sports Writer, Los Angeles

“This pizza and the dough is so low in sodium content, one could add a sprinkle of ‘lite’ cheese and get away with it. When I made this pizza, I added some fresh peppers, onions, mushrooms, thin slices of yellow squash and zucchini. The taste was amazing and it looked so good I took a picture of it so as to help me remember how to make it the same way the next time.” William D. Price, Kissimmee, Florida

“The carrot cake recipe is absolutely delicious without any frosting. I did however use a slight variation. We make a lot of our own natural juices, carrot juice being one of them. I used a little less than one cup of the finely shredded pulp you get when you make the juice. It works very well.” – William Price, Kissimmee, Florida

Thank you so much for this book!!!!! Sonya & Steve Elbert

I tried the "Excellent Soup" today and had it for dinner. It was delicious! Anne Meda, Canada

"Mae DiMarco's yam recipe was such a big hit at our Thanksgiving dinner that my wife prepared them again the next night. Hmmmmm, good." — Don Robinson, TV Commercial Producer, Bangkok, Thailand

"A complete day and no more than 455mg sodium. Every recipe great. Thanks for a life saving cookbook." — Otto Jaks, Engineer, Mountain View, California

Finally, after all these years. No salt recipes with lots of flavor and easy to prepare. I love all the bread recipes and the BBQ sauce is unbelievable." Judie Wilson, Journalist, Granite Bay, California

"I can't thank you enough for sending me the recipes and tips on how to make edible meals without any salt. I didn't think such a thing existed! The millions of us who have that collection of symptoms called Congestive
Heart Failure (CHF), know that our very lives depend on the amount of sodium we consume. Until we discovered your work, there was simply no way to get by on less than 1,500mg a day. We made one of the bread recipes and it had the smell and consistency of good homemade bread. We drizzled on a little honey and it was delicious. We toasted it the next morning and with soft-boiled eggs it was great. Please tell us where to buy a copy of your book when it comes out!" — William R. Drummond, Retired Manufacturer's Rep, Winter Springs, FL

We just downloaded your recipies and for the first time in over a year I feel excited about cooking!! I cannot tell you how great this kindness has been to me. Thank you !! will start right now, thanks again. I can hardly wait for your cookbook! Stacey Stokes

Answers from a real life CHF Survivor

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