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Our guide
to levels of sodium in the foods we eat:


Pork 4 ounces
  • back rib, braised 74mg
  • loin, whole, braised 85mg
  • loin, blade, braised 78mg
  • loin, center, braised 58mg
  • loin, center rib, braised 59mg
  • loin, sirloin, braised 61mg
  • shoulder, whole, roasted 77mg
  • shoulder, arm, braised 116mg
  • shoulder cut, boneless 66.4mg
  • spareribs, braised 105mg
  • tenderloin, roasted 76mg

Note: Meat trimmed to 0" or 1/4" fat refers to the amount of fat present during cooking. For "lean only" listings, all visible fat is trimmed before cooking. Bear in mind that a small amount of fat is always present, even in meat trimmed to 0" fat before cooking.