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Our guide
to levels of sodium in the foods we eat:







All meats, including wild game, have an appreciable amount of sodium. Although wild game has relatively the same sodium levels as domestic meats, it is much lower in fat and cholesterol. The following list, provided as a guide only, shows sodium and saturated fat content for domestic meats and domestically raised wild game. Various grades will have different levels of sodium.

Beef retail trim meat only. Beef cuts are 4 ounces.
  • brisket, whole, all grades 74mg
  • chuck, 70mg
  • flank, 0" trim, 79mg
  • ground, raw, extra lean 56mg
  • ground, baked, well done 73mg
  • ground, pan-fried 79mg
  • ground, raw, lean 64mg
  • ground, lean, baked, 81mg
  • ground, lean, broiled 101mg
  • ground, lean, pan-fried 87mg
  • porterhouse steak 69mg
  • ribs, whole 70mg
  • ribeye, 73mg
  • round, full cut 69mg
  • shank crosscuts 69mg
  • short loin T-Bone, Top Loin,
  • Sirloin, top broiled, 70mg
  • tenderloin 71mg
  • Corned Beef 1286mg
  • Beef jerky, Hickory Farms 1360mg, 1 ounce
Fowl bone-in, skinned, 4 ounces chicken, broiler or fryer
This pertains only to fresh, unsalted chicken. Read package nutritional label first. There should be no more than 80 mg per 4 ounce serving listed.
  • Light meat 76mg , Dark meat 96mg
Turkey, Young Hen, 4 ounces
  • Light meat 68mg
  • Dark meat 84mg
Pork 4 ounces
  • back rib, braised 74mg
  • loin, whole, braised 85mg
  • loin, blade, braised 78mg
  • loin, center, braised 58mg
  • loin, center rib, braised 59mg
  • loin, sirloin, braised 61mg
  • shoulder, whole, roasted 77mg
  • shoulder, arm, braised 116mg
  • shoulder cut, boneless 66.4mg
  • spareribs, braised 105mg
  • tenderloin, roasted 76mg
Note: Meat trimmed to 0" or 1/4" fat refers to the amount of fat present during cooking. For "lean only" listings, all visible fat is trimmed before cooking. Bear in mind that a small amount of fat is always present, even in meat trimmed to 0" fat before cooking.