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salt matters




For healthy meals every day read Salt Matters: the killer condiment (Hachette Livre, RRP $24.95)

This book explains why salt matters more than you thought. It shows you how to break the salt habit by using flavours that are safer and more interesting than salt, with a whole chapter on cooking methods that conserve flavour, chapters on bread, useful recipes to get you started, helpful hints on travel, dining out and many other useful ideas for happiness as well as health, like a good low-salt Christmas, and how to get enough iodine without iodised salt.

Two special chapters will make you a well-informed shopper, able to handle all the traps in food labels. Even the Australian edition tells travellers what they need to know about American and European food labels.

When you put this book down you will understand salt's link with high blood pressure, and how it can cause or aggravate about a dozen other serious health problems. You will have good practical answers to all your questions about hot weather, sport, cramp and even dozens of important questions you had never thought of.

You will no longer be hoodwinked quite so often by vested interests when you discover how big business manipulates the market and the media, deliberately trivialising and misrepresenting the real harm of a high salt intake.

Doctors will like this book too:

  • Busy doctors with no time to talk about food can always find time to prescribe a book
  • They will see better results than they saw when patients 'off salt' were eating many innocent-tasting foods like corn flakes and ordinary bread
  • They can check and evaluate every important statement (there is a bibliography of the published evidence with full references for every chapter in this book)
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