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For Immediate Release: August, 2016

Megaheart Announces Last Monthly Newsletter

Megaheart's Chef Don has announced that the last MegaNews letter was posted in October, 2016. The Newsletter has been a twenty-year publication sent to thousands each month.

"We plan on posting new recipes on our Free Recipes page. Simply stated, the Newsletter has been enjoyable to work on, but we realized that everyone is getting too much e-mail and our members understand that checking into the Free Recipe page will be good for all new recipes."

Don created Megaheart.com in early 1997 and his nearly 20-years of surviving a "terminal" diagnosis of congestive heart failure has demonstrated to the world that it can be done.

About MegaHeart.com
MegaHeart.com is committed to enhancing the quality of life for patients living with reduced heart function and for those wishing to reduce their risk of heart failure by delivering key heart information, education, and resources. MegaHeart.com promotes and encourages scientific research into the area of heart function, heart failure and CHF, and advocates preventive measures for reducing the incidence of heart failure in healthy individuals.