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June, 2014

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This Month's Edition: July, 2014      Vol. 17 Edition 226

This Month's Recipes

We had a question about canning pickles. We pulled this recipe up, updated a word or two and since it is the season for pickling cucumbers, we bring it back for you. Enjoy.

July 4th Potato Salad
I like to revisit this potato salad every year about this time. From our master chef, Scott Leysath.

New: Basic White Bread Hamburger Buns
This recipe is easy to make. And you won't need a lot of extra ingredients to make it work. Just follow the instructions and these buns will pop out for you just like the buns you buy in the store.

New: Mushrooms, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Ground Turkey
We always have a large jar of sun dried tomatoes on hand. We keep in the refrigerator. We buy them at Costco because they have a large jar for a very good price and they are national quality.


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