salt free food


This list has been compiled for your use. Megaheart has no direct connection with these online resources for low-sodium foods, ingredients and other items. We have, however, verified that the merchants here are legitimate and that their supplies are fresh and the best we could find. If you have any you now of that are not listed here then we would appreciate a link to post for others. Simply email to our Contact Address Here..


Note: Many of these are case lots consisting of two, four or as with no salt canned goods, 12 to 15. Usually shipping is free, but not always. You can locate the individual sizes by clicking through to Amazon and then usually find a price for singles.

Some products are not necessarily low-sodium (Amazon slips a few of their own ideas into the grocery store but generally they hit a home run.) To locate individual cookware items for no-salt cooking please Visit Our Kitchen Cabinet by clicking here.

  • Bob's Red Mill Store
  • Bread Flour For Low Sodium Bakers
  • Snack Shop, Unsalted
  • Cookbooks & Novels from Donald Gazzaniga
  • Low Sodium Baking — Bread & Cracker Store
  • Beans, No Salt Added
  • Starbuck's Coffee