September, 2018

Good Morning,

We hope you're enjoying your summer (or winter down under).

Maureen and I have had to deal with smoke from the many different fires surrounding our area. Fortunately none of them were close to us, except for one this week. That fire was put to rest quickly by the fire fighters and we're thankful for that.

Freezing Bread Dough

We had a question this past month concerning traveling with frozen dough. The Megaheart member who asked was on a long trip to visit others and wanted to take a few balls of dough in a frozen state if she could. Yes, you can freeze your dough and save it for the future. As a matter fact it's convenient if you want bread all month and want to go on a full day of dough making instead of having to make it weekly or more. Some things to be cautious about though.

1. Once dough has been made in a machine pull it before it begins its first rise. Wrap in stretch plastic and set in a bowl I your freezer on the bottom shelf. Allow to freeze for 24-hours. At that point you can retrieve your bowl. (Bottom rack because even in freezers heat rises to the top, just it does in the refrigerator part if a double unit.) You want the dough to freeze quickly. During the freezing it will start to rise a bit.

2. When ready to use, allow it to thaw in an oiled bowl in the fridge, using any rack, but top is best.

3. Once thawed bring it out to finish its first rise. It will start rising in the fridge while thawing. Allow it to rise more out of the fridge for about two-hours.

4. When ready, press down and shape your bread. May be used for loaves, buns, baguettes and even cinnamon buns.

Our best to you and may you always be safe.

Donald Gazzaniga
Maureen Gazzaniga