Don's Note: November, 2017

Good Morning,

It's time again for our Thanksgiving Dinner recipe plan. With no more than 160 mg of sodium, we can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner just like everyone else and be healthier with it.

For ease to access just click here.

Many other recipes are accessible with this note. We hope you're able to use them.

We hope you are doing well and wish you a much longer and happy life. Happy Thanksgiving means a lot more than our historic beginnings to many of us. Keep up the great effort. It's worth it.

Donald Gazzaniga
Maureen Gazzaniga

Remember when buying a turkey for Thanksgiving that many processors inject sodium (in the form of salt) into their birds "for flavor." Keep a wary eye out for that. They must list that on their packaging. Some chicken, usually frozen, also gets that treatment. We always buy a fresh turkey, the only guarantee we have that salt/sodium has not been added.