December, 2017

Good Morning,

This note may come as a surprise. We thought we could stop our monthly notes and new recipes newsletters, but alas, too many wrote that they enjoyed our efforts and now we're back. Since we are entering our twent-first year, I believe it's a good idea. We continue to create new recipes and hope they do help.

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Hypertension News

The U.S. government and the American Heart Association have announced that more than 100-million Americans suffer from hypertension, a "disease" that leads to heart attacks, strokes or heart failure. In a major announcement, they declared that the main cause was a "high sodium diet."

I'm not a "told you so" type, but for Pete's sake, we've been online for 21 years now and we've produced thousands of recipes, authored 6 major no-salt and low sodium recipes to address this challenge. Once again, our efforts have been recognized, but in a very different atmosphere and from an organization that has not paid much attention to this national threat until now. Welcome to the club. We have thousands of Megaheart members who can help.

Get The Word Out

It really is the season to let others know that salt and high sodium lifestyles shorten lives by as much as a few decades. We are living proof that a low-sodium lifestyle works. Our cookbooks have been top sellers and helpers for 17-years now. Our Web site has touched thousands since 1997. Yet, we still need to let our friends and family know that cutting salt out saves lives. That's for children, too. Now is the time to lay the ground work for their healthier future. Remember too, salt doesn't just create conditions for heart failure, it also is a known cause of stomach cancer. Also, careful with Gatorade. Its high sugar and sodium levels could work against you.

Cutting Salt Out Is Not A Fad Diet

A lot of "diets" were and are simply fads that help sell programs and books and make a few creators of such diets well-known as well as a few bucks richer. A fun article to read about some of the more famous diets is at this Los Angeles Times page. Click here. The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium cookbooks are not diets but represent a change in lifestyle. Profits have helped pay for the Web site where we have published free recipes, each designed for no-salt and low-sodium as well as no baking powder or baking soda. Megaheart has helped thousands of others by answering just as many questions and requests for where to purchase low-sodium foods, etc. Profits have gone to help others who are need of assistance with this lifestyle change. Megaheart has donated more books to people in need and to hospitals and others than we can count. We have received many notes of thanks and stopped counting when e-mail notes started arriving in bunches. So, it's Christmas time and maybe a book or two to those you know in need of help would be a good idea. It will introduce them to an important lifestyle change and we hope many added years. Based on my original diagnosis with that horrible EF of 18 and oxygen of 12%, I'd say that this year I am 21 years young. And yes, I credit that to a very low-sodium lifestyle, exercise and some medications. Today I take only two heart meds and both are at very low levels (6.25 mg Coreg and .0625 mg digoxin). That's a good thing and that's the kind of Christmas you can offer those in need.

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Happy Holidays to you.

Donald Gazzaniga
Maureen Gazzaniga