This Month's Edition: September, 2018
Vol. 21 Edition 276

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This Month's Recipes

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Panini Grilled Cheese & Tomato Sandwich
Maureen & I purchased a Panini sandwich maker about fifteen-years ago. It's like new and still used often. This sandwich, made in our panini appliance is easy to make, tasty and not heavy with calories. Sodium is exceptionally low for such a tasty lunch time treat. Clean up by the way is easy.

Bell Peppers & Onion Side Dish
Quick and easy to make, this dish works with all meat and fish meals. And it's healthy with amazingly low sodium levels per serving.

Raspberry Smoothie
I confess. I "threw" this together because we had a bunch of raspberries. And I've made it a bit differently each time so that I could come to terms with the best flavor and consistency. I believe this is it, but feel free to "fool around" with it. Do use Greek Yogurt, however. I have made it with ¾ cup of Yogurt and with a cup. Try the ¾ cup first. If that is not thick enough for you, add the balance of the cup.

Easy & Delicious Flank Steak
Flank steak used to be a "cheap cut" of meat. But we all learned how to prepare and cook it so well that it became a treat and for some silly reason it later became more expensive.

Grilled Vegetables From Our Sporting Chef
Raid your summer garden! Grilled vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to any wild game! For a little kick, add some Hi Mountain Seasonings to your veggies while they are grilling. I also will add fresh rosemary or other herbs to the grill box and close the lid to really let it infuse.