Vegetable Tempura
For That Special Party
In Deep Fat Fryer or on Barbecue in deep pan
Lacto Ovo — 2½ Carb Choices

Great for parties. A real treat. Very low in sodium a good deep fryer will help keep the fat low as well. Our best tempura recipe. Dip any vegetable that's your favorite from thin slices or chunks of yams to brocolli, carrots, zuchinni, and more.

Serves 6

The Batter
  • 1 cup white rice flour (trace)
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour (2.5 mg)
  • 1 cup ice-chilled no sodium water (trace)
  • 1 large egg (63 mg)
Suggested Vegetables

  • Eggplant peeled and halved, then cut into " thick long pieces

  • Zucchini, unpeeled and cut into " thick long slices.

  • Green. Red or Yellow Bell peppers, cut into " thick long slices.

  • Sweet potatoes, yams, or squash peeled and cut diagonally into " thick slices.

  • Broccoli, asparagus tips or green beans, cut into bite size pieces.

  • Onion rings. Slice Vidalia or sweet onion thinly, pull rings apart.

    Making the Batter

    Place all ingredients into medium size mixing bowl and using a beater or whisk or wooden spoon mix together until largest lumps are broken down. Set one or two ice cubes into the batter but don't mix anymore. You want batter to remain cold.


    Follow manufacturers suggestions if using a deep fryer or air fryer (no oil required with air fryer).

    Dip vegetables to be fried into batter and roll around until enough of the batter grabs hold. Slip into the oil one at a time either with tongs or if using immersion system, while placed into a tray or basket. If using the tray, you may put more into hot oil with the tray.

    For onions only, use one large or two medium Vidalia or sweet onions and mix all the rings into the batter using your hands. Swirl around until you have the "biggest mess in the world" on your hands. Then using tongs for the open type of deep fat pan grab a bunch and lower gently into oil. Turn after a few minutes. Let them go to a light golden brown. Removed an set on paper towel on a dish to drain. Let oil return to 325° F before putting in next batch. These will stay hot in an oven after you've fried them — set at about 250° F to 300° F, but don't leave them in there too long.

    Serve with or without a homemade salt-free dipping sauce. You can make very low sodium dipping sauces by combining such ingredients as unsalted horseradish, no salt added tomato ketchup and lemon juice, or mix together some tomato ketchup with tangy Grey Poupon low sodium mustard and dash of lemon juice.

    *Add in your estimated figures for the vegetables you use.

    Vegetables suggested contain the following listed levels of sodium.

    1-Eggplant, peeled (13.7 mg)

    1-large zucchini (9.7 mg)

    1-medium green, red or yellow pepper (2.38 mg)

    Sweet potatoes, yams, or squash (16.9 mg)

    Broccoli, 1 cup florets (19.2 mg)

    1 medium asparagus spear (.32 mg)

    1 large sweet onion (4.5 mg)

    Nutrient Value Per Serving (the batter only plus estimated &frac; tablespoon oil per serving):

    Calories: 194.9, Protein: 4.76 g, Carbohydrate: 37.1 g, Dietary Fiber: 1.194 g, Total Sugars: 0 g, Total Fat: 2.58 g, Saturated Fat: .475 g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1.139 g, Polyunsaturated Fat: .645 g, Cholesterol: 35.4 mg, Calcium: 9.842 mg, Iron: 1.179 mg, Potassium: 52.4 mg, Sodium: 10.9 mg, Vitamin K: 1.656 mcg, Folate: 37.1 mcg