How to Link to

Thank you for your support of America's only No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Recipe and information website! Our Megaheart
Team would greatly appreciate a link from your web site. Below are banners and HTML codes you can
use in your site. Please let us know if you are installing this link and we'll work to exchange with you.

Text Format. You may import the images by clicking with right mouse button image, clicking on left button "save as." Place in a file where you can access it.
Transfer the text below to your link page, and insert the address for the image per your own system. If you need more help than this,
please email Don for assistance.

Text for installation:

<<img src="../images/megaheart_banners/mainbanner[1]_large.gif" width="304" height="53" border="0" alt="Megaheart Link" /></a>

For a small banner:

<img src="../images/megaheart_banners/mainbanner[1]_small.gif" width="216" height="38" border="0" alt="Megaheart Link" />

For Text Only With No Banner: