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Below are recommendations that will help with many of our recipes, or might just be of interest to you. Megaheart donates to heart disease research and breast cancer research any monies earned from Amazon for these products..

Paddle for Oster/Sunbeam Bread Machine

Fits Sunbeam and Oster bread maker models 4807, 4810, 4811, 4812, 4832, 4833 & 4839
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Replacement Sunbeam/Oster 102530 breadmaker paddle

* Replacement breadmaker paddle.
* Fits models 5820, 5821, 5825, 5826, 5833, 5834, 5835.
* Fits models 5838, 5846, 5848, 5858, 5890 & 5895.

Fits Breadman breadmaker models TR441 Fits Breadman breadmaker models TR441, TR845, BBT, BB2T, BB2TW.

breadmaker models TR333 & TR444
Fits Breadman breadmaker models TR333 & TR444.

Paddle for TR2200 Paddle for TR2200, TR2200C TR2200-97, TR777SPR Breadman
It's easy to lose or break a bread machine paddle. This one is for the TR2200, TR2200C TR2200-97, TR777SPR Breadman models.

Oster Breadmaker belt Replacement Sunbeam & Oster Breadmaker belt
Fits models 4807, 4810, 4811, 4812, 4832, 4833, 4839, 5811, etc.