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make gluten free bread
Welcome to our gluten free, salt free and low sodium page. You can make your own gluten free flour mix or buy the Bob's Red Mill Gluten flour mix shown below. To make your own gluten-free flour mix we provide our gluten free flour mixes via links to recipe pages at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions concerning your gluten free lifestule along with a salt free lifestyle, please feel free to contact don at Our Contact Link image

GLUTEN FREE FLOUR from Bob's Red Mill

Gluten Free Flour Simply follow our standard bread recipes, replacing the wheat flour with this extraordinary salt-free blend. It is perfectly formulated for baked goods with terrific favor and texture-no additional specialty ingredients or custom recipes required Ideal for cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, and more.

Note: Do continue to use our many bread recipes, however, by exchanging cup for cup the flour we suggest. Since we do not use salt we still have to add the acid (vinegar and ascorbic), the soy lecithin if called for, and the level of yeast we recommend. Do NOT add in the vital wheat gluten, potato flour, soy flour but do keep the same level of sugar and if called for malted wheat flour. A link for our basic gluten-free white bread is also at the bottom of the page. This is a bread machine recipe that will work well in most bread machines. We have tested it in our Zojirushi and our two-paddle Breadman machines.

NOTE: Gluten Free bread does not rise twice. If you don't have a gluten free button on your bread machine, you'll have to make the bread by hand. See Gluten Free By Hand for further help.

More: Visit Gluten Free Flour Mix choices from other flour mills. An important note to remember is that some gluten free flour mixes contain standard baking powder. Read labels before buying. Baking powder has 500 mg of sodium per teaspoon. That adds up fast.

If you want to make up your own gluten-free bread-flour mix, then the necessary ingredients are listed below with links for purchasing them. For a flour mix recipe, click on this link.


Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Brown Rice Flour, 24-ounce (Pack of 4) Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Flour is truly a gluten free baking necessity. It is a 100% whole grain flour and stone-ground our slow-turning millstones. Brown Rice Flour will deliver a rich, nutty taste in your baked goods. It is especially great for breads! Like all of our gluten-free labeled products, this product is processed in a dedicated gluten free facility and R5-ELISA tested to confirm its gluten free status.


Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Organic Soy Flour is freshly ground on cool and slow turning, century-old stone-buhr millstones from premium quality raw soybeans. It is a tasty and simple way to take advantage of soy's bountiful nutrition. Soy delivers protein with all the amino acids essential to human nutrition, which must be supplied in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the human body. It is also a natural source of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. All natural.

Bob's Red Mill Sweet White Rice Flour, 24 oz, 2 pk

Bob's Red Mill Sweet White Rice is milled from a special variety of rice, often known as "sticky rice," that is a very starchy and has exceptional binding qualities. It is an excellent ingredient for baking gluten-free muffins, breads, pastries and cakes. It is also a superb thickener for soups, sauces and gravies. Free Of Casein, dairy, corn, egg, fish, gluten, peanut, sesame, sulfite, tree nut, wheat, yeast, shellfish, soy.

Tapioca Flour (Starch)

Finely Ground
  • Also Known as Tapioca Starch
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
Tapioca Flour, also known as tapioca starch, is ground to a powdery fine granulation from the dried roots of the cassava plant. It is a starchy and slightly sweet flour that is especially good for thickening soups, sauces, dips, pie fillings and puddings. Tapioca Flour is also an excellent ingredient for gluten-free baking, as it lends a springy texture, promotes browning and makes crispy crusts.

Bob's Red Mill Sorghum Flour
  • All Natural
  • Kosher
  • Dairy Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Gluten Free
Sorghum, a millet-like grain, is America's third leading cereal crop. It is a powerhouse of nutrition and addshearty protein andsuperb flavor to gluten-free baking. Add 15-20% sorghum flour to your flour mixes to make delicious breads, cakes, cookies, and more. Free Of Wheat, dairy, and gluten.

Bob's Red Mill Potato Flour
Potato Flour for Flavor
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial flavors
  • Made from natural potatoes
  • Rich in fiber and protein
  • Natural product
With its delicious flavor, this Bob's Red Mill potato flour enhances the nutritious value of your baked goods and waffles. Its fiber content helps in promoting your bodily functions. Add this flour for a light meal of sauteed foods and soups.