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The notes below were sent to unsolicited. Hundreds more are on file.

Oh Mr. Gazzaniga. I got the book already today when I got back to work. Thank you so so very much. It truly looks excellent. I am just going to "devour" it and share it. Thank you so much. And I will use the postcards also. You know, we dietitians can tell people how much a low sodium diet will help them, and they may even understand, but it is not until they have the TOOLS like you provide, that they can actually COMPLY and benefit!! I am very grateful for your resources, and especially for your enthusiasm, that provides so much motivation.

I'm actually very proud of the resources I have put together for our patients, many of whom have very limited understanding and therefore no one has taken the time to explain in a way they understand what they can do to improve their health and quality of life. Of course we are a not-for-profit institution, so we do not sell our materials, but I am always willing to share. Come visit when in Dallas :)

Thank you again. You and your wife are so thoughtful. I feel so special to have my own autographed copy of your cookbook!!

Katherine (Katie) Beich, MS, RD/LD, CNSD
Baylor University Medical Center
Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension Programs
621 North Hall Street, Suite 120
Dallas, Texas 75226

"The only reason Don is not yet on the heart transplant list, is because of his compliant behaviour with his medication, and his own low sodium diet plan that he has translated into a great cookbook for others to use." —Dr. Michael B.Fowler, Director, Stanford Heart Transplant Program.

Thanks so much for creating this website. I am a nurse specialist in heart failure and have longed for some resources for my patients in their dietary restrictions. I will definitely be referring them to you and reccomend your book to them! Thanks so much,
Melanie Hail, BSN, RN
Surgical Research Coordinator, Heart Failure
Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

I work with Judy Kinnecom at Morton Plant Mease Health Care in our CHF Out Patient Education department. I love your cookbook. We show and recommend it to all of our patients. I also recommend this web site to those that have computers. Thank you for all of your efforts in helping those with CHF. You have done a great job with your cookbook and your website. — Debbie Eddy, RN

Your book is great! Congratulations on the success of your book, my patients are enjoying it. —Patty Bahrijczuk, R.N.

Hello! The recipe for the lasagna looks fabulous! I especially like how you have pictures to guide you along in making the recipe. Very helpful for those folks who are not used to cooking from scratch and all of a sudden this is a necessity. Thank you so much. I am SO impressed with everything I have seen from you so far. Keep up the extraordinary work! Krista Stenhaug, R.D.

Visit Our Homepage For The Best In Low Sodium Support On The Web

Thanks, Don! What fun! This newsletter is a great idea. I've tried several of your recipes and have really enjoyed them. Can't wait to get the book.
Juli Leistner
Medical Public Affairs

I am the Medical Secretary to Dr. Stephen Jennison, Medical Director of the Heart Failure/Heart Transplant Program at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Illinois. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy almost two years ago, and while I am not on a 2000 mg low sodium diet, as many of our patients are, I do watch my sodium intake! We have sold many of the "No-Salt" Cookbooks and encourage our patients to look at this website and order the book. Thank you and God bless you !!!! - Bonnie Fortner

Your bread recipes are outstanding. Not just as no salt or low sodium but as bread...pure and delicious. I recommend your book to many of my patients. With very few other resources available to them, this cookbook will definitely be an asset in the management of their heart failure. — William H. Gentry, M.D. is a godsend for people who must skip salt. In Australia we have the "Salt Skip Program," where we take people off the salt diet. In America, Don Gazzaniga has introduced the perfect program for people to improve their heart conditions, Meniere's Syndrome, hypertension and other chronic maladies where salt must be removed from the daily diet. Don has also provided an excellent way to show where all sodium is coming from. Megaheart and Don's books have changed the American way of handling congestive heart failure as well as these other diseases. I congratulate him and hope you too will decide to join us all in "skipping salt."— Dr. Trevor Beard, Menzies Centre for Population Health Research, University of Tasmania.

Dear Don:
Wow! Thanks for the swiss chard heads-up. I pulled up your Newsletter today, which was darn lucky because this evening I would have been making my husband swiss chard. He loves it and had found a really beautiful bunch at the grocery this morning. BTW, he had his one-year check this week and everything looks good. This, for a man who was told he would need a transplant. Thanks for the help you've given in allowing us to maintain (if not exceed) our former high culinary standards. — M. Lee Witte

I tell everyone I know to get that book, Don... because I believe it played a part in saving me. I'm having a party on March 4th for the season premiere of "The Sopranos," and I'm making everything low-sodium and salt free. There was a "survivor's" meeting at the Boston Medical Center last week, and I told every nutritionist there to recommend the book. --jon in boston

Eureka! I did it. Oh my gosh, no, I mean WE did it. Your book and me and a whole new start on life. My heart is smaller, my EF higher and my energy boundless. Thank you, thank you.—W.K.

Visit Our Homepage For The Best In Low Sodium Support On The Web

Don, Thank you so much for the great bread cookbook. It looks great and I can't wait to try some of the interesting breads. Our program is going well and I have a lot of patients who have your cookbook. I see you are now heading for a soup cookbook and my patient today said she can't wait because she loves soup. What's next cookies? Have a happy holiday and keep up the good work.—Fondly, Judy (R.N.)

I care for my elderly mother who was diagnosed with CHF this year (along with several other medical problems). Your cookbook has been a lifesaver (literally) and I have recommended it to her cardiologist, a cardiac nurse who was seeing my mother, and anybody else who will listen to me. I haven't seen any other low sodium cookbook that comes even close to yours. The No Salt Lowest Sodium Cookbook has simple, easy-to-follow recipes that are delicious. Can't wait for the bread book! (I never knew how much sodium was in bread before my mother developed CHF.)

Thank you for performing a tremendous public service. You are a very special person.
Sincerely, —Diane Walsh
Boston, MA

THANKS FOR THE LOW-SALT COOKBOOK! We have used it nearly every day since we received it, and have provided the title and source to all of my father's doctors and nurse practitioners so they can tell their patients about it. --Lynn

I'm a CHF/DCM survivor going into my 7th year and absolutely love your cookbook.—Dallas

If you remember when I started chatting with you I said that initially the doctors said my only chance was for a transplant. Well, using your diet and with the help of medicines, last month I had a triple bypass performed and a new dual stage difib/pacemaker put in. Both myself and my doctor now feel very good about my future. I haven't felt this good in a number of years and feel so much energy etc., that I will have to watch myself. - Ernie Wynne

I own a copy of the cookbook. I think it is great. I am also a CHF patient. I have improved so much that they have started to take me off of some of my medication. Two years ago I was given a poor prognosis. - Pat M.

I just wanted to tell you what a difference your book has helped make in my husband's life. He had bypass surgery and recovered to a certain extent, but had not felt truly first it was still better than before the bypass, but then he began having symptoms of what we now know was CHF, but to my amazement, he was never given a diagnosis of CHF and was treated for high blood pressure which he has had since he was in his 30's (he's 54 now)along with allergies and lots of head stratching on the part of his doctors. It's a longer story, but finally when he started having swelling in his ankles, he was diagnosed as CHF, given diuretics and potassium and told to lower his salt (just lower, no specific amount) and fluid intake. And while that helped, he still was not feeling well.

I had read a book called the "The High Blood Pressure Solution" before the CHF diagnosis, but my husband was not a believer since a professional had not yet instructed him to lower the salt so it was hard to implement. Also with menus that listed items like "3-1/2 oz veal, cooked without butter" and "2/3 cup pecans an carrots, steamed, unsalted, no butter" it was difficult for me to get enthusiastic.

Then I happened to see your book at my local library. That was almost 3 weeks ago. I started using it about two weeks ago. The difference has been amazing. My husband has been able to sleep lying flat without multiple pillows for the first time in years! He feels very fact, so well, he's a little nervous about it.

I could not have done it without your book. You have really made a difference here. Thanks so much. -- C.Y. Candace

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