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If your town isn’t listed here, and you know your town’s sodium level, please either mail it to or E-mail it to us:

We’ll add it to this list. If you don't know your local water system's sodium level, you can call them. They will tell you. Please let us know when you learn, and we'll add that to the list below. If you learn the sodium levels have changed in your local water, from what you see here, please let us know so we can correct any errors. If listings are more than 7 milligrams per 8 ounces, we recommend cooking with bottled water that has had all sodium removed.

Another problem from tap water that can affect your success with bread baking is chlorine. Since chlorine levels vary also, you may want to ask that question, too. It is because of the chlorine that we recommend bottled "no sodium" water, or a filtration system for your kitchen water.

8 fluid ounces = 1 cup
1 litre = 33 fluid ounces (approx 4 cups)
Posted: 2000 - 2005

Alexandria, VA — Virginia American Water – twenty-five (25) milligrams per liter (mg/L).

Arlington, Texas 22.3 mg/L with a range of 18.9 to 25.7 mg/L. or approximately 5.75 mg per 8 ounces
Submitted by: Jim Knickerbocker 3/1/2000

Battle Creek (Pennfield township), Michigan --Approximately 2mg per 8 ounces of water (2000/2001) Submitted by: James Sharp

Branson, Missouri Mo. 3.71 mg per liter. Submitted by Dennis & Jeanne Hendricks

Brookline, MA 20mg / liter. Submitted by John Victor

Buffalo, WY 82834 is 5.7 mg/lt (approx 1.5 mg per 8 ounces) and there is no trace of Phosperous or Potassium. Submitted by Pokey.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 11 mg sodium per Liter. Submitted by: Jessica Bad Heart Bull

Florence, KY contains 30.3 mg/liter Submitted by Jerry Treece

Kenosha, Wisconsin.6.7 mg/liter or about 1.3mg sodium/8 oz. of water. Submitted by Betty Kexel

Houston, Texas. 22mg/L or about 5 milligrams per 8 ounces. Submitted by: Kathlyn Fowler

Lincoln, NE— 9 mg per 1 cup (8 oz)

Medford, OR has two water sources: Big Butte Springs is used year-round and is 5.36mg/liter. Rogue River water is also used in parts of Medford, in the summer months, and is 3.11mg/liter. Great tasting water! --David Roemer

Norwood, Ohio 46 mg sodium per liter (about 4-cups). Submitted by, John Jentelson.

Oak Grove, Oregon 1.5mg sodium in 8 fl oz of water in the water. Submitted by Jo Lacey

Omaha, NE— 9 mg per 3/4 cup (6 oz)

Phoenix, AZ— 23.75 mg per cup of water (8 oz) - Submitted by: PRGSteele@

Placer County, CA  PCWA reports different areas in county. Average is 2.4 mg sodium per litre (about a quart).

Searcy , AR 72143 2.7 mg per liter - Submitted by: Kathi Raines

Spartanburg, SC has .946 mg of sodium per 8 oz. of water according to the filtration system of our water supply. When I called I was told that there
were 2-4mg of sodium per liter of water. -- Pat Youmans

Pittsburgh, PA. 14 mg per 8 ounce glass (cup). Submitted by Dale Bricker, Sr.

Topeka, Kans. 20 mg per 8 ounce glass, or 80 mg/L. Submitted by Steve Cowell, Topeka, KS

Tulsa (Oklahoma) water department says sodium ranges from 7 to 20 mg/liter, depending on which treatment center it comes from.

Fairfax County VA. Sodium; 25.7 mg/Liter, with a range of 32.9 to 10.0 mg/Liter. Submitted by Frank Heyman

Virginia Beach, VA12-22ppm with an average of 16ppm or approx equivalent of 16mg/L. Click on city name to see municipal water data in a pdf file. Submitted by Judith Van C.

Wichita, KS A Phone call will get your specific figures. This site is a good site for information.

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