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Basic Bread Making Chart for your Bread Machine
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© 2006 Updated: 2017

These charts are to offer you an idea for creating or converting your own bread marchine bread recipes with various flavors or additions. Chart One will produce a basic white bread, or a basic bread with whole wheat added. You will have to watch the kneading process. If the bread gets too sticky, then add up to 3 tablespoons flour. If too dry, or not balling, then add 1 tablespoon of water and wait a few minutes. If still not balling, add one more tablespoon of water. When adding more whole wheat, your recipe will require more water (about 2 tablespoons per cup). Remember, never use salt. Have Fun!

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Basic Bread Recipe
Ingredients / Per Loaf Amount / Levels Alternate / Variable Purpose In Recipe
White Flour 3-cups 2-cups white + 7/8 cup whole wheat pastry flour Body of Bread
Water / Liquid 1-cup 1-cup +/- 1 or 2-tablespoons May also use juices (no sodium)
Sugar 2-teaspns 1-teaspoon or 1-tablespoon Excites Yeast / Too much can kill yeast
Ascorbic Acid 1/4-tsp 1 teaspoon Ever Fresh Sure Jell or 3 500mg Vitamin C tablets crushed Enhances Rise and Texture
Vital Wheat Gluten Flour 1-tblespn 1-tsp per cup Works with ascorbic acid / Provides elasticity
Cider Vinegar 1-tablespoon Extends shelf life
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1-tablespoon 1-tablespoon + 1 tablespoon Used to make bread softer
Onion Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1-teaspoon Flavor kicker replaces salt tang
Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon None Flavor punch up only, may leave out
Yeast 2 1/4 teaspoons

Basic Bread Making Conversion Chart

Want to convert a bread recipe you already have? Here's a chart that might just be the perfect guide for you. Have Fun!

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Converting Bread Recipes
If Recipe Calls For Use Add Purpose
White Flour Bread Machine Flour (unbleached) 1 teaspoon vital wheat gluten per cup Adds elasticity, works as enhancer
Whole Wheat Flour Best For Bread or Bread Machines 1 tablespoon vital wheat gluten per cup Adds elasticity, works as enhancer
Water / Liquid No sodium or very low sodium juice
Sugar White Granulated Use amount called for or at least 1 to 2 teaspoons per 3-cups of flour recipe Excites Yeast / Too much can kill yeast
Butter, Margarine, Oil, Shortening Extra virgin olive oil Use suggested amount Creates softness for bread
Salt / Sea Salt Onion Powder 1-teaspoon Per 3-cups flour Flavor kicker replaces salt tang
Active Dry / Rapid Yeast Bread Machine Yeast Never use Rapid Rise in Machine Bread Rise
Add Following To Converted
Bread Recipes
Use Add Purpose
Cider Vinegar Apple cider 1-tablespoon per 3 cups flour Extends shelf life
Ascorbic Acid Pure ascorbic acid or crushed Vitamin C tablets 1/4-teaspoon Per 3 cups flour (Vitamin C is often pure ascorbic acid) Enhances Rise and Texture
Vital Wheat Gluten Wheat Gluten Flour See flours in chart Provides elasticiy and texture