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For Immediate Release: July 19, 2015

Mobile Megaheart Now Online.

Outdoor cooking without salt and with very little sodium.

After a month of converting and testing, the Megaheart.com mobile site is now on line at Megaheart Mobile

When Megaheart.com was notified by Google that the main site should contain a mobile site or convert to mobile the Megaheart team went to work and within thirty days had a fully functional mobile site ready. With help from a company that designs mobile templates, Megaheart adopted a format and went full time in converting the existing site to mobile friendly while at the same time keeping the original site online. Now, Megaheart is covered worldwide for desktops, laptops, iPads and all mobile devices.

About MegaHeart.com
MegaHeart.com is committed to enhancing the quality of life for those people who need to reduce salt/sodium in their lives. These include patients living with reduced heart function and for those wishing to reduce their risk of heart failure, diabetes, Meniere's Syndrome, Nephrotic Syndrome, kidney failure, stomach cancer, hypertension and other maladies known to be caused by or promoted via the use of salt and or high sodium diets. Megaheart delivers key information, education, and resources toward the efforts needed to cut salt out of our lives. MegaHeart.com promotes and encourages scientific research into the area of heart function, heart failure and CHF, and other maladies as mentioned above. Megaheart advocates preventive measures for reducing the incidence of heart failure in healthy individuals.